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The following applies to live classes ONLY: Please select the class below that works best for your family. A Registration fee of $25 will be charged TODAY to secure your child's spot in my program. Your monthly tuition will be automatically debited within 7 days of starting classes. Our Self-Paced Program does not require a registration fee and does not have a trial period. Self- Paced Program students pay $47/mo. Cancel anytime by emailing us at

A $25 registration fee is due now (Live Classes ONLY). I understand that after signing up, I will receive training videos that teach me how to login in to the Zoom classroom, manage my billing, and communicate with the teacher. I understand that classes are scheduled for Eastern Standard Time. I understand that after registering, I will sign up for my 1 week free trial . I understand I will be automatically billed monthly after my free trial is over. I understand I can manage my own billing account inside Stripe. I also understand that tuition fees will not be refunded and that I can cancel at anytime. I understand that I will need to log my kiddo into the Zoom classroom for each class session, but I do not need to stay during class time. However, I understand that Beelieve Academy is not a babysitter, and that if my kiddo is misbehaving during online preschool, that the teacher will talk to me about finding a solution to help my kiddo be productive and successful. I understand that after I sign up, I will join a free private Facebook group where ALL communications will be held. I understand that joining the free private Facebook group is required. Lastly, I understand that after I register and sign up for online preschool, it may take Beelieve Academy up to 24 hours to offer instructions on how to access the Zoom classrooms.

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