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Fun Holiday Lessons, Crafts and Activities for your 2-7year old

December 03, 20222 min read

December holidays are my top favorite time of year to celebrate with my family and my students. I have a collection of activities that I collected from some of the best teacher/homeschooling sites that I love.

Online Activities

FREE Michaels Craft Classes are being held online for ages 6 and up. Going on 12/1-12/12 at 2pm CT Click here to sign up! If this link is giving you trouble visit www.Michaels.com. The information about the craft classes are also on their homepage.

Michaels Online Craft Class for kids

Join Beelieve Academy in our private Facebook Group Friday 12/9 at 1:30pm est where I will be live in a Free Circle Time Lesson on If you Give A... Books lesson. We will read, "If you take a Mouse to the Movies" and make a popcorn craft after the story. Perfect for ages 2-7


1- Red construction paper

2- pieces of white construction paper

a black marker or pencil to write with

a yellow crayon



Family/Classroom Christmas Traditions

Families Christmas

Did you know USPS (the link for the article) has a program where you can send and receive a letter from "Santa"? Visit my Instagram post to see how its done!

Letters {Editable}to Santa by Spruce Crafts

Santa Countdown Beard Freebie by Active Littles


Stocking Letter Find by ABCs of Literacy

Stocking Letter Sounds by Books and Giggles

ABC Chimney Drop (based on Pete the Cat Saves Christmas) by Growing Book by Book

Reindeer Sight Word Activity by ABC's of Literacy

Christmas Color By Letter Worksheets by Homeschool Preschool

Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear Activities by Homeschool Preschool


jingle bell process art

Gingerbread Man Paper Plate Craft by Simple Everyday Mom

Elf Craft and Writing Activity by Simple Everyday Mom

Paper Christmas Garland - Free Template by Moms and Crafters

Paper Plate Santa Claus by Simple Every Day Mom 

Reindeer Name Craft by Simple Every Day Mom

Gnome Puppet Craft by Moms and Crafters


Kindergarten Math Christmas Worksheets by Homeschool Preschool

Christmas Color by Numbers by Homeschool Preschool

I Spy Santa Math Freebie by Differentiated Kindergarten

Christmas Pattern Block Printables by Crystal and Co. 

Roll and Cover Christmas Tree Mats by Fun Learning for Kids

Gifts and Recipes

20 Easy Kid Friendly Christmas Gifts by Moms and Crafters

No Bake Christmas Wreath Cookies by Crystal and Comp

Gingerbread House Sensory Bin

Simple Christmas themed Sensory bins

Pompom and Eraser Sensory bin by Stay At Home Educator

Gingerbread Sensory bin by Beelieve Academy (shown above)

Fine Motor Activities

30 Fine Motor Christmas Themed Activities by Taming Little Monsters

Elf Cut and Paste Worksheets from Affordable Homeschooling

Christmas Dot Marker Worksheets by Crystal and Comp

Name writing practice by Books and Giggles

Music and Movement

Christmas Theme Songs and Dances by Fantastic Fun Learning

Christmas Songs and Activities by Growing Book by Book

Christmas Activities

45 Grinch themed Activities by Fantastic Fun Learning


5 Candy Cane Experiments by Teaching Mama

Interested in Gingerbread theme printables? Click here to get the resources!

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