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Level Up with these Awesome Resources for your homeschool

August 17, 20234 min read

Level Up with these Awesome Resources for your homeschool

The summer just flew by. I am still holding on to the warm weather and am totally not ready for cooler weather but I am excited for the school year. I did all of the research for you and found some of the best resources around to help you have an awesome school year.

Lesson Plan Ideas for Preschool

  1. Beelieve Academy- find activity ideas using things you have around the house. Searching for a premier learning experience from the comfort of home? Beelieve Academy can help! We have 2 day, 3 day, or 5 day classes which is a combination of live and on-demand classes you can watch at your own pace! Click here to receive a Risk FREE 7 day trial.

  2. The Frugal Homeschooling Mom’s HUGE List of Free Homeschool resources that can save you tons of time for planning

  3. Free A Beka K4 Lesson Plans: Christian lesson plans

  4. Teach Beside Me: Excellent compilation of stem activities for children.

  5. Teaching 2 and 3 year olds: Comprehensive resource of lesson plans and activities for your little learners!

  6. Teaching Mama– Learning through play with already done for you games and activities.

  7. 7 Days of Play- tons of sensory activities, parenting advice and more!

  8. Passport Academy-provides homeschool planning pages for preschool and elementary classes.

  9. Fantastic Fun and Learning - Sorts activities by age and has tons of free printables.

  10. Messy Little Monster- simple and fun activities for preschool age students.

  11. The Deliberate Mom- Monthly lesson plan calendar, parenting resources and more!

  12. Walking by the way- interest led activities for children up to high school age.

  13. Pre-K Pages-hundreds, if not thousands of prek printables and activities

  14. Natural Beach Living- Montessori style resources and lesson plans.

  15. Lovely Commotion Preschool Resources- Lesson plans by an early childhood teacher for early childhood educators.

  16. This Reading Mama - Literacy and Phonics resources for young readers.

  17. Wildflower Ramblings-classical education resources for early childhood.

  18. KidSPARKZ - Free and paid resources for early childhood. Their yearly membership is a nominal $3.50 a MONTH!

  19. Flockschool- this actually makes 51 resources for this list but hey, who's counting? Flockschool has tons of quality lesson plans submitted by homeschooling parents as well as a community chat feature which I utilize which is awesome. You can even earn $25 Amazon giftcard for submitting lessons they use.

Literacy Resources

1, Starfall - preschool and elementary

2. Brightly Beaming Resources- up to age 11.

3. Storyline- Celebrities reading famous titles online.

4. BookBub - Discounted E-books

5. Progressive Phonics - FREE Reading program for all levels of readers that requires no prior teaching experience.

6. ABC Fast Phonics - Cartoon based phonics tutorial website

7. Our Preschool Homeschool - Blog turned homeschooling resource for preschool age educators.

8. GreatSchools! Learning resources for parents during COVID 19.

9. Epic Books- Free books for teachers (no teacher email required)

10. Education.com- Worksheets, lesson plans, activities, and songs

11. Reading Rockets- reading resource for preschool and elementary educators.

12. Pizza Hut Book It- Includes resources for homeschool too! Read and earn free pizza.

13. Vooks- Interactive Storybooks that bring stories to life.

14. Educate Iowa - Shake the sillies out with these amazing storytime brain breaks

15. Free Kids Books- The name says it all!

16. Heidi songs- songs that teach math, phonics, and more! I linked it to the Free downloads page.

Learning Resources


Free — interactive tool that helps kindergarten through 8th grade parents see how their child is progressing with foundational skills needed to succeed this year.

Math Resources '

Free Lego magazine for children

We Are Teachers List of Math Resources- I love this site as it has a ton of resources for elementary students. Some can be adapted for preschool as well.

Cool teacher websites

  1. I found this website on Instagram @Emmazingteacher . It brings drawings to life – drawing must be done on white paper and cannot have any lines or creases in the background.

  2. Custom cursor- free browser extension to change the appearance of your mouse.

  3. Gimkit - educational games for classroom

  4. Flippity - online game maker

  5. Edpuzzle - Interactive story and game maker

  6. Centervention - social and emotional resources

  7. Readtheory - Reading comprehension activities for grades K

  8. Classroomscreen.com -classroom management resource

  9. Funterra- (looks like popular video games but educational) Has free and paid games

  10. Toolsforeducators -custom online game and worksheet

  11. Cox Campus - Free literacy courses for educators

  12. Thekidsshouldseethis - 5,000 educational videos for children.

I hope these resources help! If you enjoy this article, tag, share, and follow @beelieveacademy on our social media.

Terri Johnson

Director and Lead Teacher at Beelieve Academy.

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