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50 Activities for Dr. Seuss Week

March 04, 20245 min read

Introducing an Exciting World of Learning with Dr. Seuss! Dive into the whimsical universe of Dr. Seuss with our comprehensive compilation of literacy, math, craft, sensory, and more activities inspired by his timeless tales. From storytelling baskets featuring "Go, Dog, Go!" to STEM adventures with "Horton Hears A Who," there's something here to captivate every young mind. Join us on an educational journey where imagination knows no bounds, and learning becomes an adventure in itself. Whether it's fine motor activities like "There’s a Wocket in My Pocket Lacing," gross motor fun with "Green Eggs and Ham Flipping," or STEM challenges like "Yertle the Turtle Math Game," there's an abundance of creativity waiting to unfold. Let's explore, play, and learn together in this Seussian wonderland!

Ultimate List of Dr. Seuss Week Activities

Literacy Activities

Go, Dog, Go! Storytelling Basket (Munchkins and Moms)


Hop on Pop Rhyming Activity (Mom Inspired Life)


What Pet Should I Get? Matching Game (Sunny Day Family)


Cat in the Hat Rhyming (Teaching Mama)


Fox in Socks Sock Puppet (JDaniel4’s Mom)


Wacky Wednesday: Find 20 Wacky Things (Teach Preschool)


Red Fish Blue Fish ABC Match (Growing Book by Book)


There’s a Wocket in My Pocket Rhyming Book (Growing Book by Book)


Math Activities 

Building Math Foundations with Dr. Seuss (Parenting Chaos)


Cat in the Hat Shape Activity (Mom Inspired Life)

Cat in the Hat Math Activity Mats (JDaniel4’s Mom)

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Shape Activity (JDaniel4’s Mom)

Making Patterns with Dr. Seuss Hat (Teach Preschool)


Fish Counting Number Recognition Activity (Munchkins and Moms)

Ten Apples Up on Top: Apple Print Number Line (Pre-K Pages) Perfect for preschoolers to work on counting skills and early addition.  

Wacky 100 Chart (Creative Family Fun) 

Printable activity for Ten Apples up on Top! (The Moments at Home) 

Cat in the Hat Math Mat  Use this preschool printable to work on patterning or counting skills.  

Skip Counting with The Cat in the Hat   


Measuring with The Foot Book Read “The Foot Book.” Draw an outline of your child’s foot. Use manipulatives to measure the foot’s length. 


Truffula Tree Math Activities  (Inspiration Laboratories)


Truffula Tree Color Matching (Oh So Savvy Mom)


One Fish, Two Fish printable    


Lorax File Folder Game (JDaniel4’s Mom)


Ten Apples Up on Top Counting Activity (Mom Inspired Life)


Craft Activities 

Cat in the Hat Painting Activity (Munchkins and Moms)


There’s a Wocket in my Pocket Craft (Munchkins and Moms)


Green Eggs and Ham Art Activity (Munchkins and Moms)


Thing 1 Thing 2 Hat Craft (The Joys of Boys)


Put Me in the Zoo Bag Puppet Craft (Gluedtomycrafts)


Oh the Places You’ll Go: Hot Air Balloon Art Activity (Preschool Inspirations)


The Foot Book: Foot Painting (Stir the Wonder)


The Lorax: DIY Truffula Trees (Fun-a-Day)


Cotton Ball Truffula Tree:Stick a cotton ball onto a paper straw. Dip the cotton ball into water diluted with pink or red  food coloring. 


One Fish, Two Fish Torn Paper Art: Draw two fish shapes onto paper. Rip one blue piece of paper and glue to one fish.  Rip one red piece of paper and glue to the other fish. 

One Fish, Two Fish Graphing


Sensory Activities

Red Fish Blue Fish Science Sensory Bin (Parenting Chaos)


Cat in the Hat Slime (Little Bins for Little Hands)


Green Eggs Sensory Play (Still Playing School)


Colorful Scented Oobleck (Fun-a-Day)


Cat in the Hat Play Dough Activities (Fun-a-Day)


Seuss Sensory Bin Rhyming Activity (Little Bins for Little Hands)


Snack Ideas 

Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration (Growing Book by Book)


Cat in the Hat Snack: Make a hat from the story, “Cat in the Hat” using strawberries and bananas. Use a toothpick or lollipop stick (better option if available) to place the strawberries and bananas in a red-white pattern. 


Fine Motor Activities

There’s a Wocket in My Pocket Lacing Activity (Parenting Chaos)


Cat in the Hat Fine Motor Activity (Munchkins and Moms)


The Lorax: Truffula Trees Cutting Practice (Still Playing School)


Cat in the Hat Name Puzzles (Still Playing School)


One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: Fish Catching Game (Pre-K Pages)


Gross Motor Activities 

Green Eggs and Ham Flipping Activity :To play the game, children will have to try flipping the eggs and catching them on the spatula in the air.


Ten Apples Up on Top Gross Motor Game (Still Playing School)

Green Eggs and Ham Spatula Relay: Extend the fine motor activity into a gross motor activity! Invite your child to pick up the egg with the spatula and run to a finish line. Increase the difficulty by creating tasks for your child to complete such as put the “egg” into a container and do 5 jumping jacks before heading to the finish line. 


Dramatic Play

Green Eggs and Ham Activity Box (Teach Preschool)


Stem Activities

Horton Hears A Who Classic Egg Drop STEM Activity- Have fun building a structure that will protect the egg when dropped from a high place. 


Yertle the Turtle Math Game - How high can your child stack the turtles?  Find out when you make your own DIY math game inspired by Dr. Seuss’s classic book.  Your child will have fun counting, adding, and recreating the story. 


The Lorax: Planting Seeds with Preschoolers (Pre-K Pages)


What Can You Find in a People House? (Teach Preschool)


Cat in The Hat Cup Stacking Challenge (Little Bins for Little Hands)

read across americadr suess week

Terri Johnson

Director and Lead Teacher at Beelieve Academy.

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